Six Californians Eat Beloved Michigan Foods

Michigan’s love their local foods. But what happens when you take the food and introduce it to those on the west coast? Watch as six Californians sit down and are served up their first-ever tastes of some beloved Michigan cuisine. You will either laugh and love this video or seek these folks out for revenge […]

The fascinating history and untimely death of Douglass Houghton

“Wading the streams by day, tortured by swarms of mosquitoes at night – often short of provisions, and often drenched by rain – were it not that courage is uplifted by the love of science, both for its own sake and the good it is to accomplish, the task of the pioneer explorer would be […]

Texans Attempt to Pronounce Michigan Words (with Hilarious Results)

  Someone once said, “When it comes to pronouncing words, you have an accent and I only have a dialect.” Here several Texans attempt to say words which we would find common here in Michigan. Of course, they have an accent, and we in Michigan only have a dialect.

How much does it cost to ship a package?

How Much? This is a common question that is usually posed at the last-minute. Most people don’t ship packages everyday. Once a year we almost become shipping experts during the holidays. Unfortunately, this expertise fades over the following few months.  So, how much does it cost to ship from Royal Oak Michigan to Dallas Texas? […]

Items that Are Always Better at Your Troy Steakhouse

Home cooking is great, but sometimes, there are meals that are a little more special when you’re dining out. So get your appetite ready, head to your Troy steakhouse, and get ready to enjoy one (or many) of these perfect 10 picks. Starters Stuffed Mushrooms: A delicious starter no matter where you are, stuffed mushrooms […]

Hiring a social media consultant

Social Media Consultants   In Detroit we have a number of social media consultants. The range in skill and focus depends on their background. Hiring the right consultant depends on your goals. I’m sure it’s the same in your town too. What do you need to consultant for? Below are different reasons why you might want to hire […]

4 Ways to Stand Out On Etsy

Take Photos With Good Composition – It helps to know a little about the basic concepts of photography when considering how to present images of your pieces.  Try to make sure the product isn’t set against a busy background, otherwise the viewer may not be able to see it in detail.  Also, many sellers on Etsy are […]

Analog vs. Digital: Choosing The Right Console

No matter the live situation, the mixer, or console, is at the center of it all. Consoles are the control center of all pro audio rigs and serve as the hub for processing all incoming, and out coming signals. Choosing the right console for your specific situation can mean the difference of having a well […]

Everything You Need to Know About Expandable Trailers

Whether it’s a conversion of a pre-existing trailer or factory supplied chassis, expandable trailers are a great way to add extra space without having a second, separate unit. Keeping the unit all in one helps make traveling much easier and accommodating. These trailers are often customized and built from the ground up, and can offer […]

Protect Your Bike This Spring

Spring is here, and avid cyclists have already been tuning their wheels in preparation for a new season of riding. Besides rotating tires and lubricating your chain, there are a few other things you may want to consider this year regarding safety. I’m not talking about personal safety, as that is usually the foremost concern […]