4 Ways to Stand Out On Etsy

  1. Take Photos With Good Composition – It helps to know a little about the basic concepts of photography when considering how to present images of your pieces.  Try to make sure the product isn’t set against a busy background, otherwise the viewer may not be able to see it in detail.  Also, many sellers on Etsy are very good photographers.  It doesn’t hurt to look around and see what other people are doing.  Try to model what stands out to you.
  2. Create Continuity – You may start out with a vision of what your online marketplace needs to embody, or you may not.  Either way, you should be working toward defining what characteristics represent your products.  If, for example, you have mostly garden and outdoor products, try to establish a theme consistent with the style you want to offer.  It may be homey, or modern, but in order to earn repeat clients you’ll want to continue to offer things in the style they are looking for.  Sticking to one style can win you a loyal clientele that will add you as a favorite designer.
  3. Etched Logo Tags – The reflective or matte finish of an etched name plate will help distinguish your product.  Metal tags can be printed with logos or product data plates, allowing your client to easily discern your piece’s designer and other features.
  4. Write a Good Profile – This is your marketplace’s biography.  Taking the time to create a detailed, well written account of yourself and why you decided to start selling your stuff on the internet in the first place allows you an opportunity to give a story behind the products they want to buy.  Connecting with your clientele and showing them a little about you or your company helps them to feel confident in making a purchase.

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