Everything You Need to Know About Expandable Trailers

Whether it’s a conversion of a pre-existing trailer or factory supplied chassis, expandable trailers are a great way to add extra space without having a second, separate unit. Keeping the unit all in one helps make traveling much easier and accommodating. These trailers are often customized and built from the ground up, and can offer a wide range of benefits and an impressive amount of space.

Customized trailer builds are categorized in two general groups: factory supplied chassis and conversions. The former is pre-made to factory specifications and the latter is hand made, custom built, specifically to the client specifications.

We can break these two categories down even further, according to the size of the trailer. Lets look a little more into each size class.


Single expandable trailers are tailored to fit real-world situations. The single expandable trailers use a hydraulic gear leveling system to keep the trailer fully level. This type of trailer can be custom built to exact client specifications to include features such as expandable walls, platforms or a combination of both. Careful attention to quality manufacturing will ensure a long life for each single expandable trailer.


With even more expandable space, double expandable trailers are tailor fit to supply over 1,000 square feet of space. Heavy-duty construction ensures the stability of the expandable interior space. Each expansion slot comes standard at 36’, but as with the others, can be tailor made to exact client specifications.


Adding an extra 200 square feet of additional interior space, triple expandable trailers are constructed to offer more space at superior quality. Simple set-up makes traveling with an expandable trailer easier, and suits your needs to your specific specifications.


When double isn’t enough, and triple just won’t cut it, there are quad expandable trailers. When size is the dominating factor in the customer’s needs, quad expandable trailers will cover up to an astonishing 1100 square feet. Quad expandable trailers employ state of the art construction due to the quality standards that must be met for such a large unit.


When horizontal space is an issue, (think tight rows of trailers in a crowded lot), there’s only one way to go – and that’s up. The vertical expandable trailers offer extra headroom by vertically expandable units. These units offer a sense of comfort with a brighter interior.


Real World Applications

Compact, all-inclusive expandable trailers are made with the upmost quality and attention to detail. The unit needs to be able to travel safely, keeping the contents inside safe, as well as perform its function once expanded. Whether it is  hands-on training with a travelling classroom, performing life saving surgery in a mobile medical facility, or selling a pair of jeans in a pop-up shop, expandable trailers are ideal solution for many real-world applications.

Traveling Classrooms– Extra square footage may be needed to accommodate a number of chairs for students, as well as any hands-on training or teaching equipment that may be needed.

Broadcasting and Film– Expandable trailers are ideal in this application, due to the size and nature of some broadcasting equipment. Vertical expanding trailers can house large screens or tall equipment.

Private Business– Expos or tradeshows, expandable trailers can easily transform into a showroom for potential customers to tour through.

Government Agencies– Fire stations and military often use expandable trailers for demonstrations or recruiting purposes.

Medical– Quad expandable trailers can supply an entire medical team to treat and house patients. These large trailers can come equipped with state of the art medical equipment that turn a trailer into a rolling hospital.

Pop Up Retail– Traveling, “pop up shops” are a growing trend in modern business. Set up shop on wheels and extend your business’s reach unlike another other way possible. House an entire store in an expandable trailer and do business on the road.

Kitchen Trailers– An increasingly popular trend as well, these can be equipped with cooking equipment, as well as be tailor made to exact dimensions, tow capacity, etc.

Traveling Exhibits– Expandable trailers are manufactured with the upmost quality to ensure the safety of the contents inside. Vertical and horizontal expandable trailers can house large, awkwardly shaped objects that a regular trailer wouldn’t otherwise be able to accommodate.

Command Centers– An office on wheels. Often construction sites employ expandable trailers as a “command center” or a central hub where all secretarial work is done on the spot.  These can be equipped with audio/visual technology that gives you all the capabilities of a regular office space.

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