Feel the Warmth in Michigan

Ah, can you smell Spring the air? We can.

Winter has finally passed (hopefully), and the seasons are now gleefully changing toward warmer weather, fresh-cut grass and, something that many Michiganders love—outdoor festivals.

From Belle Isle to downtown Detroit, up to Royal Oak and then north to Traverse City, outdoor festivals are plentiful in Michigan. Plus, they’re tons of fun. Here you can search for all fairs and festivals by date, city or activity.

But, for those of you who want to dig a bit deeper into what actually goes into throwing those awesome summer festivals, read on.

It depends on the festival, but many have been planned months in advance. Spaces need to be rented, volunteers signed up and vendors contacted. A huge amount of planning is needed to make sure that everything is coordinated so that the festival goes off without a hitch.

Next, a lot of fairs and festivals are turning to social media to promote their event and encourage people to come. This includes making a Facebook page, Twitter account and utilizing other social media platforms to reach new audiences. Also, this allows festival go-ers, vendors and volunteers to share their experience during. Selfies are here to stay, and what’s more fun then smiling with a fresh-baked pie, farm animals or whatever else the festival has gotten?

Finally, many festivals are boasting bigger and better exhibitions and spaces for attendees to interact with. This includes expandable trailers for pull-out stages, tents to protect the weather’s harsh elements and other specially-orderd items. As an attendee, take advantage of these new attractions at festivals. And most important, enjoy the fresh Michigan fun!

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