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Social Media Consultants


In Detroit, we have a number of social media consultants. The range in skill and focus depends on their background. Hiring the right consultant depends on your goals. I’m sure it’s the same in your town too. What do you need to consultant for? Below are different reasons why you might want to hire a consultant. Before you do, take the time to become familiar with social media.

Social media is the ability to comment to the content creator. You can listen to a radio program and express your opinion. Unfortunately, your opinion generally is not herd beyond the confines of your car. Social media gives people a voice again. It also offers people and companies a low barrier of entry in to publishing. These social platforms are also real-time communications channels that can distribute information quickly. Social media is neutral, what you do with it gives it power.

Sometimes you need someone to do the basics and guide you through the best practices. I’ve heard of many people asking a teenager they know to help them. Sometimes, it’s the company intern. I wouldn’t recommend that option, unless they are just setting up your profiles. Yes, they may understand social media on a personal level, but business is different. Your company social media platforms are your voice to the world. If you wouldn’t have that person present your business to a new prospect, I wouldn’t recommend them being the face of your company within the social media.

Setting up social media is rather simple. Generally, all you need to do is create a screen name (or your name), enter a password and share a little bit of information about your self.  Make sure you have a profile photograph available. You might want to have a banner that you use for social media branding handy too. Make a large banner that can easily be resized, because profile and banner sizes change depending on the social media platform. Here is a cheat sheet if you wish to customize them ahead of time. A consultant can help you develop a brand or theme for your social media.

Social media is good for staying on top of the latest industry information. As soon as the latest developments, products or services are available, you will see it in the social media. This is helpful to keep tabs on and stay ahead of your competition.

Customer service is another use for social media. Keep track of what people are saying about your company and brand. Engage with people who need help. This activity alone is helpful in building a positive reputation for your company. Hire consultants to monitor the social media or help you develop a strategy on how to handle complements and complaints.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big reason to develop your social media platforms. You can create powerful content distribution channels. When more people find your website useful, the more people will link to it and the higher your organic rankings. Search engines love quality, well-linked and shared information. Social media is a must in the SEO process.

Networking is another excellent use of social media. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer the opportunity to connect with people you would have never been able to meet in person. People all over the world will share ideas and information with you that are beneficial to your business. Often good friendships develop through these channels. Often you will meet in person down the road reinforcing the relationship. Hiring a consultant to share the best networking practices is fine. Generally, small businesses and individuals should do their own social media networking.

Social media offers many opportunities. Rather than just network in your local community, you can network with the world. Even if you are a focused local business, you can discover new ideas and networking partners that will improve your business. Social media isn’t going anywhere. Don’t try to automate relationships or do too much. If you are a large company an outside social media team can help take the pressure off when there is a lot of online conversation about your brand.

Take social media gradually. A social media consultant can help you wade through the options. Some consultants will do the work for you, while others will guide you through the best practices. Interview a few consultants, ask a lot of questions, and use your gut and experience to select the best person for your business.


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