Items that Are Always Better at Your Troy Steakhouse

Home cooking is great, but sometimes, there are meals that are a little more special when you’re dining out. So get your appetite ready, head to your Troy steakhouse, and get ready to enjoy one (or many) of these perfect 10 picks.


  1. Stuffed Mushrooms: A delicious starter no matter where you are, stuffed mushrooms are always better with family and friends at your local steakhouse.
  2. Fire Roasted Tomato Bisque: Perfect in any season (yes, even in summer) this tomato bisque is so delicious, you’ll want to order some to take home.
  3. Raw Oysters on the Half Shell: Ordering seafood at a steakhouse is not all that taboo, especially if the oysters are specially, regionally selected.


  1. Wilshire Club: A specialty of our restaurant on Wilshire, this is a classic club sandwich done in the style of our steakhouses.
  2. Rocky’s Creation Thin Crust Pizza: Pizza is delicious on any occasion, but especially so when done with the delectable ingredients of your favorite Troy restaurant.
  3. Blackened Tenderloin Medallions: A delicious take on the French steak-frites, this is a steakhouse and lunchtime go-to.

 Dinner Entrees

  1. Pan Roasted Chicken: For the member of the group who’s not-so-fond of steak, the pan roasted chicken is a delicious alternative to a filet or ribeye.
  2.  9 oz. Center Cut Filet: A steakhouse staple, a cooked-to-perfection center cut filet is a delicious, classic option.
  3. 22 oz. Bone-in Ribeye: Full of marbling and flavor, this ribeye is the perfect entree for the ultimate steakhouse experience.
  4. Seafood Panroast: A seafood panroast is a fantastic choice for those who are looking for something different, but want the phenomenal quality their favorite steakhouse is known for.
So, go ahead, call your family and friends and get ready for a delicious lunch or dinner at your Troy steakhouse!

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